Jordan Brooker Exclusive: Part I

Image: Nathan Zucker

Last week I was fortunate enough to have one of those exceptionally special experiences being in the Nashville music bubble.  I got the chance to go into the studio with Jordan Brooker for an exclusive interview on his debut self-titled EP.

Nestled in a quiet corner of Music City I stepped into what would seem to many a house.  After being greeted by the smiling faces of the Warehouse West team I was brought through into the studio to find a strikingly tall figure looking effortlessly cool wearing a black pea coat and denim button down, Jordan Brooker.  Over the next hour the Indiana native and I talked music, the writing process for his new EP which includes an extra special track he cowrote with his new bride, the insecurities of being an artist and more.  We broke down Brooker’s project track by track and because there was too much to stifle into one post I’m breaking down this interview part by part.  Let’s go ahead and kick off part one of this exclusive shall we?Read More >


Mandy McMillan Releases Sassy New Single “Chasin’ the Ace”

Mandy McMillan released her new single “Chasin’ the Ace” just shy of a month ago.  The Canadian country cutie’s  sassy vocals slay in this jam that will have you flipping the bird to all the loser relationships you’ve had in your life.  “I met the king of diamonds, he was fast car driving.  Picked me up in a Mercedes kind of guy” McMillan sings to kick off the track.  Isn’t it always the case the the shiniest things catch our attention first?  They might be fun for a minute but, it quickly grows old.     Read More >


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