Abby Anderson Releases Debut Single “Make Him Wait”

It should come as no shocker to anyone that people working in the music industry are some of music’s biggest fans.  When there is an artist in town that has that special something it spreads like wildfire amongst everyone like a giant game of telephone.  When a friend here in Music City sent me Abby Anderson’s acoustic version of “Make Him Wait” and said “I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a song that just strikes a chord like this does. Wow” she was not messin’ around.  Abby wrote the track withGRAMMY-nominated hit-songwriter Tom Douglas, and hit-songwriter and producer Josh Kerr.  Texas native 20 year old Abby Anderson has just put herself on the map with a song that is lyrically brilliant, poignant and profound.What’s the concept and story behind you, Tom Douglas and Josh Kerr writing “Make Him Wait”?

Abby:  I wrote this song with the amazing Tom Douglas and Josh Kerr. That morning we were writing a really fun up-tempo song and at one point during the write I said something like, “You know how to get the boys, right? You gotta make ‘em wait!” Josh just turned around, started playing chords on the piano and we had the song in 45 minutes. It was easy to write because it was everything my Dad ever taught me about dating and knowing my worth. 

This is such a positive and powerful message.  What does the song mean to you?

Abby:  Thank you so much!! To me this song is about trusting your worth with someone worth your trust. It’s about knowing your value and where that value comes from. 

This is your debut single!  How did you end up in a career of singing/songwriting?  What lead you to Nashville essentially?

 Abby:  I have a debut single!!! That is crazy!! I am counting my blessings, it’s awesome to be able to say that!! I’ve always had a clear vision from a very young age that I was going to be an entertainer. I started classical piano lessons at the age of five and had an amazing piano teacher who really encouraged the creative process by teaching me music theory and telling me about Nashville. I wrote my first song when I was ten and knew that I would call Nashville home one day.

What are you most looking forward to this about this summer?

Abby:  PLAYING SHOWS!! Oh my goodness performing is my absolute favorite thing in the world. I am opening for Russell Dickerson who I’m a huge fan of for a few dates and then performing at the CMA music festival on June 9th. I’ve never been more excited to be drenched in sweat in my whole life, haha!

What do you miss most about Texas here in Nashville?

Abby:  My mom’s Mexican food. The woman makes the best dang tamales in all of Texas. 

I ask every artist this the first time they get interviewed for Jam Catchers so by tradition you get asked today too!  You’re influenced by so many artists from different genres, decades, etc. that make up your inspiration and style.  If you were to pick who your musical parents are who would they be and why?

Abby:  Can I have two parents who maybe divorced and re-married?? Haha! Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, Linda Rhonstadt and Dolly Parton. I have been in love with Elvis since the first time my mom showed me a video of him when I was 7. His performing, passion, everything. I still watch his performances. Ray Charles was the first piano player/ singer I was really introduced to and the feeling he puts into every song, every note, every word is something I think about every time I sing. Linda Rhonstadt is my favorite vocalist ever. And Dolly because, well, she is Dolly. She is always herself and she shines like a bright light, spreading joy everywhere she goes, which is something I hope to do every day.

Check out “Make Him Wait” below!


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  1. Ashlin
    May 3, 2018 at 8:12 am (1 year ago)

    Love this! Abby’s new song is AMAZING.


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