Adam Sanders to Host 2nd Annual 90’s Country Night

Do you hear that?  It sounds like the 90s are coming back.  Or at least for one night they are.  Adam Sanders has pulled together some of the best artists in country music for a very special evening.  The 2nd Annual 90s Country Night to benefit the TJ Martell Foundation will take place on Tuesday March 13th at Nashville hot spot Marathon Music Works.  This year’s lineup features Cole Swindell, LoCash, Tyler Farr, Michael Ray, Chis Lane and Adam Sanders.  Not to mention there will be plenty of surprise guests that were the original voices on these 90s country hits and still remain some of the biggest chart topping artists today.  Last year’s surprise guests included Mark Wills, Martina McBride, Rhett Akins, and Shenandoah so you can only imagine what is in store for this year. Sanders it’s sure to be mind blowing.

How did you come up with this idea for a 90s country night?

Adam:  90s country music has been a huge part of my life.  Alan Jackson was my childhood hero.  When I first moved to town some of the first guys I met were guys like Cole Swindell, Dustin Lynch, Tyler Farr and Chase Rice.  We’d spend so much time hanging out together before any of us had any kind of success watching football and writing.  At night we’d always turn on 90s country.  We always joked of how cool it would be one day to throw a concert just singing 90s songs.  About two years ago I told my management team the idea and they loved it.  Honestly it was easy because everyone we reached out to said absolutely because they loved the 90s.  We had the idea to bring the 90s artists in as guests to sing with us.  I just wanted to pay tribute tot he songs that inspired all of us to move to Nashville and the artists that put the dream in our hearts to be country music artists.

What about the 90s music do you think makes this show so special to the audience?

Adam:  The audience all knows every one of these songs. But they don’t know what’s coming until we actually play it.  When you hit the guitar lick of the song it’s an immediate aha moment when they realize what song it is. The excitement is something you can’t recreate.

How did you come to partner with the TJ Martell Foundation for this event?

Adam:  I didn’t want artists to think that because I’m a little lower on the todem pole, I didn’t want anyone to get the wrong impression that I was building this to gain recognition as a solo artist.  Donating the money to charity.  Doing it because they love 90s music.  Not to promote their own music or themselves.  Pick a charity that wasn’t controversial in anyway.  Everyone can agree with and support.  A lot of ties with music.

Adam Sanders has been in Nashville for eight years.  He’s written songs cut by Luke Bryan, Cole Swindell, Dierks Bentley and Dustin Lynch.  A career as an artist is what he always wanted however.  His sound embodies what he stands for:  family, faith, the outdoors and music.  Sanders latest single “Thankful For” was the beginning of representing this brand and has now racked up more than 1 million streams on Spotify.  On March 30th Adam is set to drop his new single “Overdid It” a track that Sanders has a strong guy feeling about saying he “believes in the song more than any other song he’s ever written or recorded.”  Following up the new single Adam will release his debut EP on May 11th.  Make sure to get your tickets to see Adam and his Nashville buds tear it up 90s style for a great cause!  All ticket proceeds will be donated to the TJ Martell Foundation.


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