Album Review: Clark Hill – People Like Me

Clark Hill released his debut album People Like Me exactly a month ago today.  The northern Florida native grew up working on his family’s farm, excelling in football and living a very blessed life.  Music was always in the background as he even dressed up as Elvis in a second grade talent show.  Shortly after moving to Nashville in the summer of 2012, Clark was paired up with Craig Morgan’s drummer Mike Rogers.  The two started working together which led to Mike producing People Like Me.      

  1. We Were That Song – Clark comes out swinging with this uptempo nostalgic track that pays homage to the songs we grew up on
  2. Rolling Home – This track is the epitome of a country song.  It’s sweet and about a simple blue collar lifestyle.
  3. Pecan Pie – Some country artists might fight against the stereotypes of southern living but this song is all about embracing it.  Pecan pie, family, God, and fried chicken….it’s all mentioned here when describing the “southern life”.
  4. I Don’t Know How to Love You Anymore – This track shows an entirely different side to Clark’s vocals.  Throughout the verses he brings a pop quality and emotional angst reminiscent of Nick Carter and his fellow Backstreet Boys in “More Than That“.
  5. Stage Song – This would be a perfect opening song for a live set.  It was meant to be performed.  It’s badass and kicks you in the soul.
  6. Don’t Worry Bout’ me – A little sassy, a little chippy and a perfect song to drink a beer to while swaying along to the music.
  7. Always Be Mine – This is everything that’s been missing since Lonestar stopped putting out music.  Always Be Mine has a modern take on the 90s style of a country ballad and I. Love. IT.
  8. How Great Thou Art – This has always been one of my favorite hymns.  The build throughout four min and eleven seconds takes the listener on an emotional journey of a lifetime.  It gives me chills each and every time and Clark’s rendition does the hymn proud.
  9. Swerve – Cue the romantic wine tipsy dance with a loved one at sunset.
  10. I Hate That Car – Would it be a true country album without a breakup ballad?  “I Hate That Car” adds a little edge and grit to Clark’s style on this project.
  11. Perfect to Me – “Perfect” was penned by Opry member and Grammy nominated Chris Young, stylistically fitting Clark to a tee.
  12. Midnight Saturday Night – I give you 2018’s “Redneck Yacht Club”….pop a top and press play for your first lake day of the summer!
  13. Those Were the Days – The album is bookended with nostalgic tracks.  It’s almost like the introduction and conclusion of a story summarizing the musical journey we’ve just gone on for the last 13 tracks.

Take a listen to People Like Me and be sure to stay tuned for what comes next from Clark Hill!


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