Alex Smith Releases Heartbreaking “Good Guy”

Louisiana native Alex Smith’s newest single “Good Guy” tackles a plot line not yet told in country music.  With the hook “maybe I should start to see the good in a good guy, if she can’t see the good in a good guy”, Smith takes us on a journey of guy struggling to keep a relationship afloat.     

For the narrative of a song to be centered around a girl that has done everything she can to keep a relationship together is far from unheard of in country music.  To flip that storyline and focus on the guy being in that position is a bit more rare if not unheard of.

“For me this song describes how I have felt in some previous relationships where if you don’t apologize whether you are right or wrong, thing never really go back to normal. You are always the one who gives in just to make things better. I know a lot of friends who have been in similar positions and had never heard a song about it so for me it was something we needed to write.” – Alex Smith on the story behind “Good Guy”

Whether you’re a guy or a girl the story of “Good Guy” is one everyone can relate to.  Smith’s emotional vocals will tug at your heartstrings from the first note to the last.  He sings with such conviction that every girl listening will be lining up to find their own “good guy” after hearing the track.  With “Good Guy” being the follow up to Alex’s summer jam “Hose” it’s clear he has a wide artistic range and the ability to write a killer hook.


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