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Country duo Belles & Whistles is made up of strong women with powerful vocals, harmonies that will stop you in your tracks and just overall great DNA.  That’s right!  Belles & Whistles is a mother daughter duo featuring 18 year old Kelli Jones and her mother Jaymie Jones.  After opening for acts such as Brett Eldredge, Kenny Rogers and Old Dominion the ladies released their debut EP Look Up.  If you’re a fan of acts like Kacey Musgraves, Pistol Annies or Maddie & Tae you’ll love these ladies.  Let’s break down their EP track by track.

I’m Wild – They come out swinging with the first track.  The sound of the banjo resonates throughout it’s entirety even though the song has a rocking feel to it proving yet again the banjo is badass.  Their harmonies are great and Kelli’s vocals really shine here.

Fire –  Everyone knows that person that is bad for them but they can’t resist.  That moth to flame romantic disaster.  Taking the classic tale of going after the wrong person Kelli and Jaymie bring a new spin on the notion using their dynamic of mother and daughter in the lyrics stating “mama said never play with fire.”

Look Up –  The ladies get a bit more delicate and dainty with the title track of the EP.  It’s beautifully feminine and the chorus’ harmonies hit the soul in all the right ways.

Strange Way –  Keeping with the consistent theme of girl power and knowing when you deserve better, “Strange Way” calls out the guy stating that it’s shape up or ship out time.  Needless to say you do not want to cross the ladies of Belles & Whistles if you know what’s good for you.

Luna Blue –  This is my favorite track on the EP by far.  The harmonies on this are UNREAL.  I can just picture them sitting on the bank of a river, fireflies all around and guitar in hand singing this.

Break Itself –  Break Itself is the cherry on this sundae of an EP.  The ladies of Belles & Whistles don’t skip a beat or slow down with this one and end with yet another great track.

Kelli and Jaymie put together a fantastic playlist for y’all including Kellis’ “#songwritinggoals” track “Better Man” and one off Jaymie’s favorite current album with Maren Morris’ “I Could Use A Love Song.”  Happy listening y’all!


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