Ben Rue Releases New Album ‘Back to the Nights’

It’s the fourth and final day of CMA Fest and we certainly aren’t slowing down with our final artist takeover, Ben Rue.  That’s right, Ben is taking over Jam Catchers’ Snapchat and Instagram all day to close out the CMA Fest festivities.  The cherry on top of the Ben Rue Sunday (pun intended) is sure to be his full-band live show tonight at Wildhorse Saloon.

Ben Rue is most likely a name you’re already familiar with.  What you might not be familiar with quite yet is his new album Back to the Nights.  It’s been some time since Ben has put out a new project and it was absolutely worth the wait.  The title track will get you out of your seat and in a summer party mood in the first 10 seconds.  Rue continues to power from one track to the next with creatively and well written tracks.  Although the album is fairly progressive in the production and overall sound there is no denying that Back to the Nights is a country album from top to bottom.  Each song has a story to be told.  Often times the title of the track is simply a play on words grabbing the listeners attention that much more.

If you’re looking for a new favorite album, this one is easily going to fill that void for you.  Dropping right at the beginning of the summer season it is sure to bring you through those steamy months of July and August while holding strong right into fall with the final track “Hail Mary” leading us into those crisp fall months.  Ben is definitely making a statement with this new album.  He is here to stay and this album is just the first chapter in a great success story for a hard working, dedicated and genuinely good guy.  Take a listen to Ben’s personal playlist for y’all including some of the new tracks from Back to the Nights.


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