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Abby Anderson Releases Debut Single “Make Him Wait”

It should come as no shocker to anyone that people working in the music industry are some of music’s biggest fans.  When there is an artist in town that has that special something it spreads like wildfire amongst everyone like a giant game of telephone.  When a friend here in Music City sent me Abby Anderson’s acoustic version of “Make Him Wait” and said “I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a song that just strikes a chord like this does. Wow” she was not messin’ around.  Abby wrote the track withGRAMMY-nominated hit-songwriter Tom Douglas, and hit-songwriter and producer Josh Kerr.  Texas native 20 year old Abby Anderson has just put herself on the map with a song that is lyrically brilliant, poignant and profound.Read More >


Indigo Summer Release Single “Wishful Drinking”

Indigo Summer is back with their newest song “Wishful Drinking“.  The harmonies, the pain, the lyrics and the production all tie together for the epitome of a perfect country song.  As if the new music isn’t keeping Hope and Bryan busy enough they are and hoping to have another song for their fans by May.  To top it all off Hope’s getting married this summer and Bryan’s expecting his first child.  I caught up with the duo to talk about their newest song:

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