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Get to Know: Matt Stell

Matt Stell has burst onto the country scene with his single “Prayed For You“. The track written by Stell, Allison Veltz and Ash Bowers has already racked up over 13 million (with an “m”) streams on Spotify, is featured on listener favorite playlists like Hot Country and New Boots and has just gone to radio.

Matt hails from a small town in Arkansas. One which he is grateful to have grown up in, and makes a point to get back to see him family as often as he can. The Arkansas native’s first love, was not music however, but basketball. It was basketball that took him to Drew University in Springfield, Missouri. It was there, Stell’s love for music kicked in as he found himself hiding his developing songwriting career from his college basketball coach much of his senior season.

Now, after landing in Nashville over five years ago Matt’s career as an artist is looking bright. He’s surrounded himself with an amazing team including Ash Bowers (whom you might recognize as a producer and writer on breakout star Jimmie Allen’s debut album, Mercury Lane). But Matt’s road to “Prayed For You” is not the one most traveled. In fact, it includes some serious, fork in the road, life-changing decisions Stell had to make that lead him to this very moment.

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One to Watch: Tim Riehm

Singer songwriter Tim Riehm comes from a small South Carolina sitting just outside of Clemson.  It was after a school assignment in early ninth grade Time got his start as a songwriter by writing poetry.  He then taught himself how to play guitar when his sister got a guitar.  A guitar he admits “she didn’t play it as much as I did”.  After graduating as the valedictorian of his high school Tim ventured on to Clemson to pursue a degree in engineering.  While attending school a friend asked Tim and his sister to play a welcome back festival.  From that point on he had officially caught the music bug and put a band together.  Once he had the chance to record a 7 song EP it was clear that this was his passion and decided to chase his dreams to Nashville after graduating and even convinced his best friend to move to Music City as well.  Now a few short years later Riehm has released his debut single “Hey There, Liquor” and has a follow up song coming out shortly.

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