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Travis Rice Releases Official Video for “Don’t Waste the Rain”

Y’all might remember Travis Rice from his interview with Jam Catchers for a very special Father’s Day edition.  We talked about Travis’ single “When the Fish Didn’t Bite”.  Well Travis is back to make all the ladies go weak in the knees with his steamy new single “Don’t Waste the Rain”.  Rice serenades the listeners with the romantic notion of spending the day wrapped up with a loved one inside while outside a storm rages on.  As Kenny Chesney says, “there’s something sexy about the rain.”  After watching Travis’ video for “Don’t Waste the Rain” I think you’ll be hard pressed to disagree with that statement.     Read More >


Beth Beighey “Just Another Heartache” Official Video

Beth Beighey’s newest single “Just Another Heartache” will give you all the feels.  Lyrically it paints the picture of a deeply personal heartbreak while at the same time having the ability to connect to any listener that has ever suffered through a breakup, cheater, or bad relationship.  Beth shares the deep cuts and vulnerability of a relationship ending while still embodying a strong and independent woman, a message that often gets lost when describing pain.  It tells the listener you can in fact be sad AND strong.

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