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#tbt – Moon Taxi at the Lyric

This past week I was able to see Moon Taxi downtown at the Lyric.  The Indie-Rock Nashville, TN based group has certainly hit their stride with their latest album “Mountains Beaches Cities” which debuts a newer, bigger sound overall.  When they take this new sound to the stage, the results are EPIC.  If you haven’t seen these guys live before you absolutely need to look at their touring schedule to see if it is at all possible to catch them.  I had been referred to them by a good friend who has amazing taste in music and thought I’d give their live show a go.  Wow am I happy I did!!

One of my best friends, Tanya (of Trust Jewelry) was visiting me in town and the two of us hopped over after dinner for the start of the show.  To be able to take two girls who have heard your songs only a select few times and turn them into full blown fans speaks to the stage presence and performing ability of Moon Taxi.  This band has such a presence and they put all of their energy and soul into each song.  Needless to say it was a packed house and the crowd was absolutely loving them.  Some of my favorite songs of theirs are listed below but be sure to check out their past albums as well!

Moon Taxi 2

Photo Credit:  Tanya Rustigian


Take Me Back – #tbt

Hey Y’all!  It’s been a crazy week already, I’m just getting back from Nashville from a girls/work trip.  More on that to come next week (I cannot WAIT to tell y’all all about it!)  For now I have an amazing playlist of some of my favorite winter #tbt’s.  Now you all know what I mean, there are jams for when the sun is shining (i.e. Dave Matthews Band, Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff) and jams for when you’re snuggled up by the fire in a big sweater while the snow is coming down (i.e. John Mayer and the queen of winter ADELE).  Are there any winter jams you think should be added on here?  Comment below and I might just add them to the next #tbt list!


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