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#tbt – Shania Twain

The year was 1997.  The album?  “Come on Over” by the one, the only, Shania Twain.  If you don’t know this album already you need to get to know it.  If you know it already it’s a great time for a refresher.  When it came time this week’s #tbt playlist I couldn’t just pick one song by Shania so I decided to dedicate the entire post to my favorite album of hers.  This album helped shape my love for country music.  It has so many great girl anthems that are missing from current music.  And to be honest, this album just kicks some serious ass.  I challenge you to find another that feels as good to sing at the top of your lungs while driving with your gals around town.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Shania, she was born and raised in Canada.  Her song writing abilities landed her a record deal but it wasn’t until she paired up with Robert Lange (her future hubby) that things really started to take off in her career.  Her first major hit was “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under“.  Two years later she released the “Come on Over” album to continue her string of success.  To date Twain has won countless awards including 5 Grammy’s, 4 ACM’s and 5 AMA’s.

Although this album is phenomenal from top to bottom there are a few favorite tracks of mine that I must point out…

1.  “Man!  I Feel Like A Woman!” – I never have and never will get sick of this song…it makes you want to run around in a button down doing the Tom Cruise slide while singing into a hair brush

10.  “You’re Still the One” – To this day one of the most romantic songs I know.  It just melts my heart and you can picture a couple dancing to it at their wedding.

11.  “Honey I’m Home” – One word…sassy.

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#tbt – UNH Playlist Part One

This past weekend I got to catch up with some of my dearest friends from college.  They surprised me with dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Boston, Carrie Nation (if you’ve never been I highly recommend the hazelnut encrusted goat cheese salad), to wish me well on my move to Mississippi.  It was one of the most special nights I’ve had in a long time catching up with amazing friends over good food and hearing about all the amazing things that everyone is doing with their lives.  Needless to say by the time I left my stomach hurt from laughing and my heart was bursting after seeing these special ladies.


It got me thinking about my time spent at the University of New Hampshire and much of it was built around good music.  Setting the tone for all the girls to get ready on a Friday night, taking long drives to our favorite coffee hut blasting the newest music we’d found, the perfect playlist to study in the library on Sunday, it was always in the background keeping our memories strong.  I took a poll and asked the girls to send me songs that reminded them most of our days at UNH so here’s our throwback UNH Playlist Part I….

***a good amount of these songs contain e-lyrics..make sure any kiddies are in the other room***

Image Courtesy of UNH


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