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Get Offline: Pilgrimage Festival


Recently during a solid Instagram stalking session I stumbled across this app called Offline.  After exploring their social media I decided to go ahead and download it to see what it was all about.  Let me stop now to say…..such a good decision!  As y’all know I am in the middle of moving Jam Catchers to Nashville.  If any of you have ever uprooted your lives to a brand new city you can sympathize with the roller coaster of emotions that I am going through at this time.  “Happy.  Scared.  Excited.  Nervous.  I hope I’ll meet people quickly.  How do I find cool local things to do?  Will I find an organic market to replace the one I go to every morning at home?”  Well for the last two questions, I present you with Offline.  This app is absolutely AMAZING!!!  You can already find it in Raleigh, Durham and Charlotte and as of August you can now find it in NASHVILLE!

The app connects to your Facebook and allows you to find things to do in your city according to your interests and likes.  You can search by date, interest or popular events.  You can bookmark places you’d like to go, invite your friends and book it on your calendar!  It made me so excited for my move to Nashville!!  I was already booking up my schedule with cool local spots to go and events to attend.  Through the app I found out about Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin:

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Double Decker and The Grove

As I’ve mentioned before Oxford has a thriving art scene.  The music there is a blogger’s dream.  Imagine my level of excitement when I found out (aka carefully manipulated my schedule) so that I would be back in my homegrown nook of the south for one of the biggest weekends of the year, Double Decker Arts Festival.  Needless to say my excitement was through the roof and after some careful packing (shoving every summer dress and maxi I own into a bag along with some sunscreen) my bestie and I started our road trip back to The Sip!

After powering through our 24 hour drive and catching a quick nap we were ready to go.  We caught up with some friends on Friday night and took it easy getting ready for next two busy days.  We got dinner downtown and it was already buzzing with the amount of people visiting for the festival.  The square was gridlocked with traffic.  People were flowing into the streets and the festival was already in the air.

On Saturday we hit up the festival downtown along with everyone in the greater Lafeyette County area.  It was absolutely beautiful weather and we couldn’t have been more excited to visit the different vendors.  There is a little bit of something for everyone:  artists, food, musicians, and more….FYI there is the BEST lemonade you will ever get in your life at one of the booths each year (I consider myself quite the lemonade connoisseur so don’t take this statement lightly folks).

After grabbing some wings at our favorite spot, Frank & Marlee’s, we made our way over to the stage to check out the music action.   The stage is set up on a side road of the square that gets completely shut down.  The tall buildings surrounding the street have people on every terrace, balcony and roof top soaking in the free day-long outdoor concert series.  They also provide an acoustic bubble that just bellows throughout the entire town.

Double Decker

Images: Double Decker Arts Festival

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