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Happy 2017 Jam Squad!!!  I hope y’all had a safe, relaxing and loving holiday season.  I have so many exciting things lined up for y’all and I know 2017 is going to be even better for all you Jam Catchers readers!!!  That’s right, more music, more artist exclusives, more amazing giveaways for the Jam Catchers readers and more Jam Catcher’s live shows!

I have no doubt that this first featured artist of 2017 is the perfect way to start off the new year.  Spencer Crandall is shockingly only 21 years old but you would never know it from his impressively polished sound.  Having just released his newest single “Do It All Again” in October, Spencer ended 2016 riding high sharing the stage with other hot ticket country acts Tyler Rich and Chris Lane.  He’s a Colorado boy through and through and so comfortable in his own skin, a refreshing and impressive feat for any artist, never mind one so new to the game.  Spencer has an infectious energy to him and I challenge you to not catch a crush on him after reading through this interview.

Tell me about the new single “Do It All Again”!

Spencer:  The response has been amazing.  This has been the first time I’ve seen everyone show up and be sharing and going crazy about it so I’m super excited!  The song comes from that place of wanting to do it all over again.  I had a girl I was talking to for a long time.  We had that summer romance and all you’re left with are the memories.  I think everyone can relate to the fact that you wish you could have one more drive down the coast, one more night on the beach.  That’s what I wrote about, that’s what I know and I’m just so glad everyone’s relating to it and showing me so much love.  It’s awesome.

Would you say you prefer to write a song from personal experiences or more of a story you’d like to tell?

Spencer:  I’m all over the place.  Certain songs I’ll write on a thought or a story in my head.  Other songs are almost too personal.  I just put so much detail about my own life and the people that are involved.  Really anywhere that I can draw inspiration.  I always want to write songs and music that are me and genuinely me.  I try to draw on my life.

Do you have a favorite setting to write in?

Spencer:  It’s not about the spot as it is the people.  I just love writing with great people.  I write a lot by myself too but usually I’ll take something I’ve written and bring it into group of people I trust that are super talented and can help me take my ideas, vibes and grooves to that next level.  I’m all about surrounding myself with people that get what I’m trying to do.  I love surrounding myself with

How do you feel growing up in Colorado helped in shaping your sound?

Spencer:  Growing up in Colorado is great.  I miss it, I loved growing up in Colorado.  I lived in a little place called Hounds Ranch which is a little bit south of Denver.  I was 20 minute away from downtown and 20 minute away from absolutely nothing, middle of nowhere.  I got a best of both worlds.  I could go downtown on a Sunday and watch a Broncos game and then on Monday we can go 20 minutes the other way to fish and hike.  I got exposed to a lot and I feel a lot of that comes through in my music.  It’s a country, pop, groovy, and soul.  It comes from being exposed to so much.  Colorado is such a fun crazy place with it’s own culture.  I’m very thankful I grew up there!

What has been the most important/best advice you’ve learned since coming to Nashville?

Spencer:  Nashville is it’s own beast.  It’s a crazy place filled with so much good talent and so much culture and music.  When I first moved I was a little overwhelmed for sure.  What I have found, it might sound a little cliche, but is just to be myself.  There are so many people trying to be each other and trying to fit in this one place that, in my opinion, is already kind of filled.  For me I need to figure out what makes me unique and what makes me different.  Instead of trying to be like Florida Georgia Line or Brett Eldredge I’m going to be Spencer Crandall and figure out my own niche and spot in country music.  Just to unapologetically make music that I want to make.  Just making great music.  I think Nashville is super accepting, loving and supportive.  I’m being me and so far people have been super accepting of that.  Be nothing but yourself!

What’s next!?

Spencer:  We’ve been working on a five song EP.  We’ve been in the studio writing and it’s shaping up to be a fun 2017.   Hopefully in the first few months we can drop the EP and come out with music we’re super passionate about that people are going to really tap into.  

What’s your favorite restaurant to go to in Nashville?

Spencer:  I’m like a Bataco addict.  I kind of live there [laughs].  I do the same little circuit.  I’ll go to Bartaco because they have the chips, salsa and guac that just speaks to my soul.  Then you get a little steak bowl in you.  Then you have to walk over to Jeni’s and get the brown butter almond brittle ice cream and it will change your life.  You will never be the same.  I feel the Holy Spirit when I eat their ice cream [laughs].

So if we were going to go to Denver where would you recommend as an amazing restaurant to go??

Spencer:  Colorado has really good Mexican food.  I’d probably say Los Dos Potrillos.  It’s my fave!  I always get fajitas, it’s a must.  You will smell like fajitas for a year but it’s worth it.  

What’s the last show you went to as a fan?

Spencer:  I saw Florida Georgia Line at Bridgestone when they brought out Nelly, Jake Owen and the Backstreet Boys.  I don’t know if I should ever go to another concert again because that was it.  It completed my whole life.  I’ve been to the greatest concert of all time so it’s over [laughs].

What was your first concert?

Spencer:  My first concert ever was N’SYNC.  If you were a 90s kid your first concert was either Backstreet Boys, N’SYNC or Britney Spears.  I love all that good ole’ boy band stuff.

If you could put together you’re dream tour to go see right now what would be the lineup?

Spencer: I think Florida Georgia Line does so much cool stuff.  They can bring out Nelly, Jake Owen and the Backstreet Boys and everyone’s freaking out and it’s totally accepted.  My dream tour would be Florida Georgia Line, Sam Hunt, Thomas Rhett, Brett Eldredge, any of those guys.  They’re all amazing vocalists and amazing writers.  All of those guys are phenomenal performers.

As an artist you are influenced and shaped by so many artists throughout the span of your career from all different genres and eras.  If you were to pick who your musical mother and father would be, who would they be and why?

Spencer:  My musical father is Justin Timberlake.  Musical mother, there’s so many amazing strong women in music how do I choose!?  Either Trisha Yearwood or Carrie Underwood.  The females in country music are just rockstars.  Probably Carrie just because I watched that whole American Idol season and I fell in love.  I looked up some of her leg workouts online just trying to get those “Carrie Quads”!

How could you not want to be besties with Spencer right!?  He’s a total bro that can hang with the best of them outdoors but can get DOWN to some old school boy bands while munching on good Mexican food and ice cream.  The fact that he’s a super talented musician who is respectfully true to hisself is just the icing on the cake.  I’m no psychic but I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that 2017 is going to be a big year for Spencer Crandall.  Check out his personal playlist for y’all below including his newest single “Do It All Again”.


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