Daphne Willis Releases Emotional New Single “Forgiveness”

Image: Judith Hill

Daphne Willis became a viral pop sensation in 2017 when her video for “Somebody’s Someone”, a deeply personal track centering around mental health and addiction, went viral with over 21 million views.  Willis has since  released smash tracks one after the other.  The video for her kickass girl power track “Hustle” premiered just last week on Hollywood Life.  Daphne is able to find the perfect balance in releasing pop jams like “Hustle”, “Do It Like This” and “Done With Bein’ Done” that will have you feeling as if the caffeine from your morning coffee just kicked in, while also putting out songs like “Forgiveness“, a lyrical onion stripping back the layers of emotions you’ll feel throughout the 3 min 29 second journey you venture on after pressing play.         

“Calling out your name just to start a war” sings Willis to open the powerful new song.  The listener is immediately drawn in with the lyric and emotional vocals by Daphne.  She continues to paint a picture of a relationship gone wrong where guilt, pain and emotions run high.  Going round after round belting out “forgiveness” as a white flag Willis provides hope to mend the relationship.  Have you ever had the same fight 20x over with a person in your life?  If the answer is yes, this song is for you.  If the answer is no, you’re most likely lying and you should still press play.  Either way, check it out below!


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