Deidre Thornell Releases New EP: Dallas

Last night Deidre Thornell tore up the stage at Nashville’s 12th and Porter.  Her powerful vocals could fill any room and there was definitely plenty inspiration to ignite Deidre’s spectacular performance.  She was celebrating the release of her new EP Dallas.  You might recognize Deidre from the Jam Catchers feature on her single “Somewhere Wild and Free” back in May.  Turns out that single was just the tip of the iceberg for Thornell.      

This EP, ‘Dallas’, weaves threads of my life growing up in Texas, and all I have known and experienced there; but it also incorporates my life here in Nashville. I love me some TX and there will ALWAYS be a place in my heart for it, but Nashville is definitely home – and it’s time for awesome new experiences and adventures. I’m ready! – Deidre

The EP starts off strong with the first single “Somewhere Wild and Free” hitting the listeners with a happy, go lucky, free spirited love song.  But don’t think it’s all sunshine and rainbows for on this EP.  Tracks like “Dallas” and “Ghost Town” tell the tale of a broken heart.  The title track to the EP paints a picture often missing from female narratives; one where her dreams and goals are more important than a relationship.  In deciding to pursue her ambitions she was must leave behind not only  the comfort and safety of her hometown, but the boy that tied her there whether it be geographically or emotionally.  It is by far the strongest track on the EP and truly shows the depth and layers of emotion that Deidre can bring to the table as an artist.  Be sure to listen to her hand selected playlist picks for y’all below which I sprinkled her new EP throughout!


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