Deidre Thornell Releases “Somewhere Wild and Free”

There is something about Texas country that opens your heart and sinks in there rooting into all your emotions in such a raw way.  It really is such a special sub-genre of country all on it’s own.  Dallas native Deidre Thornell embodies her home state well in her new single “Somewhere Wild and Free“.  It is a step more in a modern direction from Deidre’s last project Destination Unkown which could almost be labeled vintage with a strong fiddle leading throughout the entire EP.

“Somewhere Wild and Free” is a softer side to Deidre and she is working it!  Deidre creates a feeling of nostalgia through the chorusthat brings you back to your first love.  

Like I’m 16 standing by the train tracks and the wind starts blowing my hair back.  Any minute the thunder’s gonna roll past.  Two inches from the railing I’m scared but ready.  And that’s how I feel when you look at me.  You take me somewhere wild and free

That feeling of being absolutely terrified of this all consuming love you feel for someone while all at the same time never feeling quite so liberated and free.  Deidre completely captures first love with “Somewhere Wild and Free” from the lyrics to the tenderness and angelic quality with which she sings the chorus.  Take a listen below and be sure to check out Deidre’s site for more information on her music and tour dates!  Does this song remind you of your first love too?  Comment below and let us know!


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