Top Country Songs of 2014

As another year comes to a close I thought it was time to take a look in the rearview and put together a playlist of my favorite country songs from the past 365 days.  It was an amazing year of music and here are my choices for the best country songs of 2014, here’s to 2015 being even better!  Happy New Year Y’all!!



Christmas Year Round

Happy Holidays everyone!!!  I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, I certainly enjoyed getting to spend time with all of my loved ones!  Every year I find myself feeling a bit sad at the end of the day on Christmas after all the build up and traditions are over.  That magical feeling that has been in the air since Thanksgiving (well if we’re being honest, since Halloween in my house) is starting to fade and I’m just never ready for it.  So because of that, confession time it is.  I listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies year round.  It’s my version of watching The Notebook and listening to an Adele album for when I’m having a rough day.  So for all those who are with me in refusing to let the Christmas spirit only be alive in December here’s my current Christmas playlist!


Happy Holidays from the Boston Opera House’s Nutcracker Ballet!!

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