Indigo Summer Release Single “Wishful Drinking”

Indigo Summer is back with their newest song “Wishful Drinking“.  The harmonies, the pain, the lyrics and the production all tie together for the epitome of a perfect country song.  As if the new music isn’t keeping Hope and Bryan busy enough they are and hoping to have another song for their fans by May.  To top it all off Hope’s getting married this summer and Bryan’s expecting his first child.  I caught up with the duo to talk about their newest song:

Congrats on the new single!  Why did you feel this track was such a good fit for you guys?

Bryan:  When I wrote the song I couldn’t believe that the title had not been a major cut yet.  It seems like a pure country idea.  When we had the finished product I thought everything about the song was really cool.  I knew that I could produce it in a way that could bring us up to speed.  Our album that we had released was two years old and music’s changed.  Then Hope loved it, so that’s all I needed [laughs].

Hope:  For sure what Bryan said.  The song just has that country feel to it.  I feel like it people that are into old school country and into modern country can both enjoy this song.  It’s really fun to sing too.

You just had the video premier as well too!

Hope:  The video is funny because we actually shot it in a recreational room at an apartment complex in Nashville.  But our director made it look like a legit bar.  This is our fourth video we’ve done with him.

The song is called “Wishful Drinking” so let’s find out more about your particular drinking tastes for each scenario!

Go to drink for heartbreak:

Hope:  If I’m getting over a breakup I’d probably drink tequila and that’s not a good idea [laughs].

Bryan:  I knew that’s what she was going to say.  I’ve seen her do that before, it’s entertaining [laughs].  For me I gotta go straight up whiskey.  Something with a really high proof, neat, and I’d do probably a double or triple.

Go to drink for boys night/girls night:

Hope:  I love red wine.  I’m really into malbec right now.  That’s what I like to drink when I’m at my house or a girls night.

Bryan:  I would say whiskey, neat [laughs].  Actually I run a company called the Nashville Whiskey Society so whiskey is my go to [laughs].  For tailgating or at an event though I really like a good Coors Light.

Go to drink for before hitting the stage:

Hope:  Right before I go on stage I usually drink water.  But before when I’m getting ready I may have a glass of wine.  It has to be white wine so I don’t have wine teeth on stage [laughs].

Bryan:  I drink water right before.  I do drink whiskey before.  But it’s more about how much to drink before than what to drink.  There’s a fine line where if you don’t have enough you’re still kind of tight but if you have too much you’re sloppy.  It has to be that middle point of feeling good.  The trick is to start the show that way and then end the show that way [laughs].  You have to progress evenly [laughs].

As an artist you are influenced and shaped by so many artists throughout the span of your career from all different genres and eras.  If you were to pick who Indigo Summer’s musical mother and father would be, who would they be and why?

Hope:  I grew up listening to 90s country, I’m a 90s baby.  Every talent show growing up I would sing Shania Twain so she would be our musical mom.

Bryan:  Our duo dad would be Garth.  So Shania and Garth would be our duo parents.

Check out Hope and Bryan’s personally curated playlist below including their new single “Wishful Drinking”



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