Jordan Brooker Exclusive: Part I

Image: Nathan Zucker

Last week I was fortunate enough to have one of those exceptionally special experiences being in the Nashville music bubble.  I got the chance to go into the studio with Jordan Brooker for an exclusive interview on his debut self-titled EP.

Nestled in a quiet corner of Music City I stepped into what would seem to many a house.  After being greeted by the smiling faces of the Warehouse West team I was brought through into the studio to find a strikingly tall figure looking effortlessly cool wearing a black pea coat and denim button down, Jordan Brooker.  Over the next hour the Indiana native and I talked music, the writing process for his new EP which includes an extra special track he cowrote with his new bride, the insecurities of being an artist and more.  We broke down Brooker’s project track by track and because there was too much to stifle into one post I’m breaking down this interview part by part.  Let’s go ahead and kick off part one of this exclusive shall we?

“Find My Fire” (Brooker/Dave Turnbull)

Jordan:  The whole message of this song is about trying to find that spark that feeds your creativity.  The song came for me at a time when I was really needing that.  The song really laid the foundation for the rest of the EP.  Sonically and meaning wise it’s a great opener.  

In the progression of recording these songs was it one that was recorded early on or later?

Jordan:  This was the first one we recorded.  Luke and I started talking about it and wanted to do something different when we went in to record.  When we came away with it I knew this was going to be the reference for the rest of the project.

Image: Nathan Zucker

“Over My Head” (Brooker/Michael Hardy/CJ Solar)

Jordan:  This one is very story driven.  I wrote it with CJ Solar and Michael Hardy.  It’s funny because anyone that knows anything about me as a songwriter knows it’s very rare for me to write a song in a couple hours and be satisfied with it.  But that’s how this one shook out for the three of us when we wrote it about three years ago.  I always knew there was something to it.  It always stuck out.  When we started to put the pieces together for the EP that was one that had to be on there without a doubt.

Was it based off anything factual from any of your lives?

Jordan:  No [laughs] it’s funny because I’ve gotten that question a few times and I feel like I wish I had that story to give because it would be a heartbreaking story [laughs].  Anddd not to let the cat out of the bag…but we’re going to have a vertical video for that song on Spotify as well.  We got to film it at this airplane boneyard out in Smyrna.  It is a bunch of abandoned 727s, rusted out, windows blown out, it was amazing.

“Sounds Like You” (Brooker/Ashley Brooker)

Jordan:  This is probably one of my favorite songs on the EP.  Although saying that is kind of like picking your favorite child.  But then sometimes I’m like I hate all of you [laughs].  I actually wrote this one with my wife a couple years back when we were dating.  We don’t write a ton together but she’s musically incredible and so talented. 

I love this song.  The melodies of the song are all her and I think you can really hear that coming through.  It has a lot of this big and epic feel to it but is juxtapose with these really beautiful sweet melodies making it a little more haunting.

Stay tuned for part two of the Jam Catchers exclusive with Jordan Brooker next Friday after everyone has woken from their Turkey comas before commencing their Black Friday shopping.  But until then, be sure to press play on Jordan’s self-titled EP below!


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  1. Brian Brooker
    November 16, 2018 at 6:15 pm (1 year ago)

    Great job with the interview! We’re looking forward to next Friday’s!


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