Josh Gracin is Back and With a Fresh New Sound

Josh Gracin first graced the stage on American Idol back in 2003 as a 23 yr old Marine where he placed fourth overall.  He went on to release his self-titled album the following year with three hit singles, one of which hit number one.  Nashville is known for being a 10 year town.  Both Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean didn’t get their first radio hit until they were in their 30s.  But here was Josh in his early 20’s being thrust into it all.  He’s an industry veteran at the age of 36 (almost 37 with a birthday coming up on October 18th), an age in which most artists are just starting to take off.  With his growth, experience and knowledge from the past decade Gracin is back after a three year break from releasing new music with “Nothin’ Like Us“.  Josh’s new single will resonate with longtime fans of Gracin as well as reach an entirely new demographic of country fans that have entered the market since Josh got his start in 2003.

Let’s talk about Nothin Like Us Pt I and the Part II coming out in 2018:

Josh:  The whole reason we’re doing that is because we wanted to do a full album but also know it’s been a while since we’ve put anything out.  I felt it was important to get the new music out there to the fans and even just as important to get the people in Nashville so we can start building a team and take a single to radio.  That’s why we released the first chunk of the album.  The second set is coming sometime next year.  We knew that’s what we wanted to do right from the beginning.  With the music in part one we’re really excited.

“Nothin’ Like Us” seems to have a bit more of a modern sound than your previous work would you agree?

Josh:  I would definitely agree with that.  It’s part of what music is.  When I moved to Nashville and had a single out on the radio back in 2004 my music was different then too.  I’m well aware that we evolve in order to bring younger/newer people into the genre moving forward and gaining new fans.  I feel like there was a way to make modern sounding country music but still stick to what I feel country music is, the story, the lyrics, the content.  Country music has been getting away from that a little bit, the telling stories.  I feel like there was a way to get a group of songs there that sounds modern when you listen to it but also the story and lyrics stay in tact.

Do you think that it’s almost an entirely new fan demographic you’re reaching out to or the same fans that have been supporting you your entire career?

Josh:  There’s a lot of people that have been following throughout my career with me all along.  it’s getting those people engaged but it’s also tapping into that new fanbase that wasn’t in country music when I had my last single out on the radio in 2008/2009.  It’s just a totally different environment.  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, all that stuff wasn’t a huge monster as it is now back when I had my last song on the radio.  It’s a different playing field.

Do you have a favorite track off Part II that we can look forward to hearing?

Josh:  I love all the music off part one.  I will say that there is a song coming down the pipe on the second part and I chose the song specifically because of a situation.  I recently got remarried and my wife is 10 years younger than me.  Her mom is 10 years younger than her dad, so I guess it runs in the family [laughs].  When we were dating she told me a lot of what the younger female generation have to face when they’re out there dating and I was kind of appalled and taken back by everything she was telling me.  I was like ‘no wonder you decided to date a guy 10 years older than you’ [laughs].  But there’s a song on there called “Where He Let You Down” written by Jordan Reynolds and it’s an amazing song that talks about going through those things and being taken advantage of on an emotional level.  It’s just a killer song that applies to a personal situation.  I can’t wait for y’all to hear it when it comes out!

As an artist you are influenced and shaped by so many artists throughout the span of your career from all different genres and eras.  If you were to pick who your musical mother and father would be, who would they be and why?

Josh:  Oh my God [laughs].  Sam Cooke definitely is my musical father.  He was the man back in the day.  They don’t make ’em like that anymore.  He’d get behind the mic no autotune, no nothing, and not only pitch wise but the emotion that comes through with whatever he sings is just unmatched.  As far as musical mother I would have to say Adele because she just kills it.  I’m ALL about vocals and I feel like country music kind of needs to get back to that.  I would have to say those are my two just strictly off the vocals.

Check out Josh’s personal playlist for y’all below!


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