Lena Stone’s EP Gives You All the Pink Feels

The co-anchor of Nashville’s most celebrated female driven writers round, Song Suffragettes, Lena Stone, released her self-titled debut EP on May 25th.  She has co-written hits like “Fight Like a Girl”, “Two Hands” and “He’s Just Not That Into You” with fellow Suffragettes anchor Kalie Shorr.  Now it’s Lena’s turn to put her voice on the tracks she pens.  The cohesiveness of the EP from “Tragic” to “Can’t Thing Straight” is something so rare in a debut project from an artist.  Everything Lena does is intentional and true to herself.  Not to mention Lena’s just about the biggest sweetheart you could ever meet.  Check out the breakdown of the EP track by track below and be sure to take a listen.  Trust me, you’ll be happy you did!

1. Tragic – “Call me the queen of anything but drama” sings Stone opening her debut EP with a bang.  Lena is strong, feminine and easy on the ears.  This track has the ability to do for Lena what “Love Me Like You Mean It” did for Kelsea Ballerini.

2. Nervous – Let’s be real ladies, we all act like we have no idea what we’re doing when we know damn well how to drive a boy crazy.  We know when that touch on their arm catches their attention.  We know when we have a new dress that’s going to stop them in their tracks and make them, well, nervous.

3. Hey There Hollywood – The production on this track is beyond amazing.  Lena’s vocals convey such nostalgia and emotion that it will have you all in your feels thinking about the person you grew up with that went Hollywood on everyone.

4. Running Out of Red Lights – I just love the layers and depth that Lena uses stoplights for in this song.  “That’s three greens in a row, it’s almost like they know.”  The concept that if she just hit one red light she might have enough time to rethink the decision she’s making and turn around is brilliant.  Sure enough though it’s all green lights, both metaphorically and literally.

5. Can’t Think Straight – This track ties together the entire EP with a perfect pink bow on top.


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