Levi Hummon Continues to Develop His Unique Sound with “Don’t Waste the Night”

It’s been a while since we caught up with Levi Hummon.  He’s been busy out on the road with acts like Kip Moore, Frankie Ballard and Michael Ray.  But after a year away from a Nashville stage with his band he had a triumphant return to a sold out crowd at High Watt and was able to play his newest single “Don’t Waste the Night” for his family and friends in his hometown.  As we caught up Levi was saying how excited he was to have a weekend off at home and that he was looking forward to finding the nearest river and just hanging out.

Let’s talk about your recent hometown show!

Levi:  It was unbelievable.  I pictured it a certain way in my head for a long time.  With these Kip Moore dates and Frankie Ballard dates and Michael Ray dates.  And I was like how much life am I going to experience up to that point.  I think that date, that show and that experience was exactly what it was meant to be.  Except for the Preds playing it was perfect [laughs].  We sold it out which was awesome.  I felt really bad because we actually turned away 150 people at the door because the room was so small and we were trying not to break the fire codes [laughs].  I had been intentionally on the road with the band and not performing here.  I’ve been listening to so much music and so much life and developing a sound that I really think is my own unique voice so it was really important for me to stick away from it.

The first two songs were nerve-wracking because I didn’t expect how much feels I would get standing on stage.  I got kind of choked up.  Seeing my mom and dad to the left of center stage and they were both crying too.  It really ended up like a party so that was awesome.

You’ve been our on the road a lot with Kip, Frankie and Michael Ray.  Who has the craziest fan base you’ve seen?

Levi:  Everyone has their unique fanbase especially in certain markets.  The craziest date in my experience in these last few months was one with Kip Moore in San Francisco at the Filmore.  It was like that place was on fire!  The room was moving.  It’s such an old historic venue and it was a surreal experience.  Kip has a crazy fanbase because they’re both really attentive listeners but also ready to get down and drink beer.

Tell us about the new single “Don’t Waste the Night”:

Levi:  I hadn’t put music out in so long and hadn’t played a show in Nashville in so long.  I wanted to introduce my new voice and who I saw myself as an artist with this new song.  I thought “Don’t Waste the Night” would be an awesome kickoff to the new music and new sound.  We didn’t expect it to do so well.  It has taken its own life.  We have a lot of fun stuff coming up so I’m really excited!

What’s next? Another EP?

Levi:  I think this is the beginning of this rolling single release that’s happening right now.  Depending on how a song is doing and what is happening with it will determine whether we release another song or move forward.  We don’t have a strong plan to go to country radio.  It’s more about releasing music, touring and making sure that fans are getting what they need.  It’s the most amazing thing.  You’re able to control your own voice and control what people are hearing.  It’s also a really organic thing where I can tell that this is cool and working immediately.  If not, it is pretty harsh and pretty apparent.  I’m just trying to follow the great and amazing Chance the Rapper [laughs] it’s really tough.

What’s your favorite part of being on the road and favorite part of being back home?

Levi:  I’m a foodie and love crazy foods so the second I get in a new city I’ll get on Yelp and just troll through Yelp to try to find one amazing spot to get some food.  Recently we played with Frankie Ballard in Birmingham and right after the show we were at the merch table talking to fans and I was like ‘where is the best place for a late night snack?’  This one fan told us about this place named Al’s and told us what to order.  We get there and I order what they told me to get.  I get the dish and it’s five baked potatoes stacked across from one another with about three pounds of chicken on it, just straight BBQ sauce, sour cream, cheese and it’s just for one person [laughs].

Being home, I just love being with my dog Sage and just sitting on my porch playing guitar.  It’s what I live for.  I don’t think I’ve actually written a song outside of Nashville other than for writing camps.  There’s definitely something in the air here that really inspires me.  Something about the quiet and routine nature of it makes it really easy to write songs.

Be sure to check out Levi’s latest single “Don’t Waste the Night” along with plenty other summer jams on his playlist for y’all below!


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