Mandy McMillan Releases Sassy New Single “Chasin’ the Ace”

Mandy McMillan released her new single “Chasin’ the Ace” just shy of a month ago.  The Canadian country cutie’s  sassy vocals slay in this jam that will have you flipping the bird to all the loser relationships you’ve had in your life.  “I met the king of diamonds, he was fast car driving.  Picked me up in a Mercedes kind of guy” McMillan sings to kick off the track.  Isn’t it always the case the the shiniest things catch our attention first?  They might be fun for a minute but, it quickly grows old.     

“He wore his love on his sleeve, he was too easy to please.  Gave me the key to his bleeding heart” starts the second verse.  Now here we have your typical “if I could pick someone to fall in love with it would be them, but I don’t feel as strongly as they do” scenario.  The one you know will make a great husband or wife to someone someday….but that someone ain’t you.  Until we find them, take note from Mandy’s poker playing/dating advice.  Call the bluffs and chase the ace.


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