Marisa Maino Releases Debut Single “Hot”

Marisa Maino has released her debut single “Hot” and it is exactly what has been missing from all of our lives lately.  It’s edgy, full of attitude, fun and catchy as hell.  I haven’t heard anything like this since Avril Lavigne kicked her way into my life back in 2002.  No matter how nice of a person someone is, no matter how kind their soul, no matter how mature they might be, we all tend to get a little P-E-T-T-Y when it comes to an ex.  It is second nature for you to compare yourself in every way to your ex’s next significant other and that, is exactly what “Hot” is about.

I’m all about having fun while I’m doing anything, whether that’s through music, choreographing a song, or even just hanging at home for the night. If you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing, what’s the point?

We know this moment.  You walk up and see your ex looking a mess and are having no regrets about walking away from that relationship.  Then his new girlfriend walks up and she is hot.  You were “hoping for a trainwreck but she’s not.”  The track teases at this exact moment in such a fun way that will have everyone singing along.

Marisa does such a great job of not tearing down the new girlfriend by singing that “she’s out of his league” and “the fact that I like her is the worst part of it all.”  I cannot wait to hear what comes next from this sassy badass, if it’s anything like “Hot” we know that it won’t be boring!


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