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Adam Doleac just wrapped up opening for Brett Young this past weeked at the Lyric in Oxford, MS.  As I caught up with Doleac the day before heading back to his home state for the show he joked about how he had tried emailing the venue once a week for a year to play there.  It’s amazing the difference a few years can make.  Now Adam has been featured as a Highway Find, been out on the Highway Finds tour as well has hit the coveted New Boots playlist on Spotify.  This week he’ll be filming the video for his newest hit “Bigger Than Us”, expected to premiere mid-March.  He’s also slotted to open for Chris Young and Florida Georgia Line as well as playing the festival circuit this summer.  This Mississippi boy has people listening and for all the right reasons:

Let’s talk about the EP and the success you’ve been having with it!

Adam:  I’m an independent artist.  We made that EP in June of last year.  We had a little showcase in Nashville and sent it out to Sirius XM.  They made me a Highway Find with “Whiskey’s Fine” and it really took off for them and for me.  It’s been really cool to watch.  Then to be a part of the Highway Finds tour with Ashley McBryde and High Valley was an amazing experience. “Bigger Than Us” on Spotify seems to really be taking off with people.  We’re shooting a video for that next week actually and that’s going to be the new single on the Highway next week as well.  I’ve been really lucky.  There are only six songs on the EP and we haven’t put out new music yet but it seems to still be resonating with people.  That’s really what I try to do with my music, put stuff out that doesn’t get old.  Put songs out that are timeless and stick around for a while.  

Any insider info on the video for “Bigger Than Us” you can tell us?

Adam:  I will tell you this….the theme of the video is going to be a boxing gym.  I’m very excited about it.  We’re doing it at Music City Boxing in Nashville.

What’s one song off this EP you never get sick of playing live and that you’re really proud of?

Adam:  “Whiskey’s Fine” is my favorite song to sing on the EP even before anyone knew it.  It’s very bluesy, very Mississippi and what I grew up listening to.  Now with the crowd knowing it and singing it back to me, that obviously never gets old.  I would also say “Everybody Needs Somebody” is one of my favorite lyrics on the EP.  It’s one of those earworm songs.  The chorus is very simple and just gets stuck in your head.  It’s a message I don’t get tired of.  It’s a good moment every night to say thank you to everyone that came out and let them know that we need them.

What got you into music?  What influences have you pulled to shape your sound?

Adam:  Every day in middle school when I came home to do my homework I would listen to Gavin DeGraw, the Chariot record that was stripped.  I also would listen to John Mayer Room for Squares a good bit, Needtobreathe and Amos Lee.  I grew up outside of the country realm.  What got me into country was the writing of it.  The way I like to sing things comes from outside of country and then the storytelling aspect of the writing is what really drew me into country.

What were you doing the first time you heard yourself on the radio?

Adam:  I actually didn’t have Sirius XM in my truck for the first several months of it happening [laughs].  My dad finally got it set up he was like ‘Son I’ll get you Sirius XM.  Here’s your code, go in your truck and turn it on.’  So I got it all set up and it went about two weeks and I still never heard it [laughs].  Then we were down at the beach on a vacation in Gulf Shores.  I was in the car with my whole family just rolling down the beach and it came on.  They’ve been very supportive of everything I’m doing and I wouldn’t be able to do it without them so it definitely was a really cool moment to hear it for the first time with them.

As an artist you are influenced and shaped by so many artists throughout the span of your career from all different genres and eras.  If you were to pick who your musical mother and father would be, who would they be and why?

Adam:  John Mayer is gonna be in there for sure.  He definitely would be the crazy uncle [laughs].  I also would say Chris Stapleton.  Chris has more than I do on the blues thing, he’s far left over there.  John Mayer brings my influences back to the middle.  I’ve been listening to John Mayer for 15 years now.  I’ll still listen to him and find something I never realized he said.  I’ve always been drawn to things that are timeless and you can listen to for a long time.  I’m a big fan of Miranda Lambert and Maren Morris.  I think they both do really cool things and have those voices that right when you hear it you know who it is.  

Check out Adam’s personal playlist for y’all below!


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