One to Watch: Alana Springsteen

Image: Nathan Zucker

Today is the day 18-year-old Alana Springsteen has envisioned since she first picked up a guitar 12 years ago at the age of seven. After moving to Nashville with her parents and three younger brothers four years ago in the midst of and ice storm to chase a dream, the time has finally come. The first two tracks off her upcoming EP due out June 7th have been released. But to know Alana’s music know, you must first go back to that seven-year-old girl.

Springsteen, a self proclaimed “beach girl” at heart, was born and raised in Virginia Beach. It was there her love of music sparked while singing in church growing up. At seven she picked up the guitar for the first time. When she was nine she wrote her first song. “I’ve always been in love with words.” Springsteen says, as she sits with one leg tucked under her in the office of Warehouse West on a rainy Nashville afternoon. “It wasn’t until I put melody and word together that I knew this was what I had to do.”

At just 14 she inked her first publishing deal here in Nashville, and the rest as they say, is history. She’s spent the last four years developing her sound, but more importantly, her voice as a writer. She signed with Luke Wooten’s production company Warehouse West in November of 2018 and is slotted to release three EP’s in 2019. Springsteen describes her sound has a fusion of “both pop and country without trying to box herself in.”

“Some of my favorite songs are the ones that capture moments and transport you in time…no matter how old you are and remind you what that felt like.” Alana says when talking about the first of the two May 3rd releases, “The Best Thing“, and that is exactly what this track encapsulates. Springsteen paints a picture of young love at seventeen and somehow is both relatable to other teenagers going through the same life moments she sings of while also connecting with someone in their 20s, 30s or older bringing back the nostalgia of high school love.

As we wrap up our time together I have time for one more question. “If you had to say, who would your musical parents be that shaped the sound of you as an artist today?” She pauses to think, just for a moment, and replies with “I would say my mother would be Julia Michaels. Her conversational lyrics and melodies…I’m obsessed with her. Thomas Rhett would be my musical father. What I love about his songs are that they’re real stories. He’s very different and his content is so true to him and I find that so inspiring.” Alana and I chat for a few more moments about our time in Nashville as transplants before I head out into what is now a rainy Nashville night. It is clear after spending just a brief amount of time with Springsteen that big things are about to come her way with her new music being the start of a career that will undoubtedly take off like a rocket.


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