One To Watch: Madeline Merlo

There is just nothing better than a country woman with the perfect combination of sass and class.  Madeline Merlo completely embodies this.  I recently discovered the newest single Honey Jack from this Canadian sweetheart.  The word play of the lyrics and the maturity in this young woman’s voice caught my attention immediately.  She released her self titled debut EP in 2014 gaining recognition for songs like Sinking Like a Stone and Alive.  Her voice is wise beyond her years and she is now up for the Rising Star award at the CCMA’s this month!  With that I give you the newest One To Watch, Madeline Merlo:

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Talk to me a little about Honey Jack…this is a bit of a different sound for you as compared to your self titled EP.  Do you feel like you have a different direction you’re going in with this new single?

Madeline:  Honey Jack is definitely a different sound. I am older and have matured both vocally and musically. I’m 21 and I feel like the new music reflects that youthful, fun loving aspect of my life. One of the best parts about music is watching it develop and change as the artist changes as well. I am really excited to get all of the new music out.

Tell us about filming ‘Country Crush’!  What were the biggest differences in preparation for a performance on screen as opposed to on stage?  Would you like to do more acting in the future?

Madeline:  Filming ‘Country Crush’ was such an amazing and challenging experience. Although it was a Country Musical, it was really quite a departure from what I do normally. Learning lines, working with a costar and the whole process in general was really new for me. I feel like the biggest thing that acting and performing have in common are that they both come from places of emotion. Being able to get to a place of sadness (or happiness) authentically and portray that to an audience both on a stage and on a screen. I really enjoyed the process and I feel like it is something I would love to do more of in the future.

Can we expect any tour dates in the United States in the future from you?

Madeline:  There are no US dates as of now, but I really hope to get down there and start building an audience in the states.

Congratulations on your CCMA Rising Star nomination!  Tell us about what your day will look like on the day of the awards, hair, makeup, press, etc.

Madeline:  THANK YOU!!! I am soooo excited to be nominated. It really came as a surprise to me and I couldn’t be more honoured. Country Music Week and the CCMA Awards will be a magical blur. I am playing at numerous events and have press starting at 6 am. But the day of the CCMA Awards (Sunday September 13) will mostly be of me trying to play it cool and contain myself. It truly is a dream come true. I can’t wait to get into my dress and just soak up the moment, I really am so lucky.

I ask every artist this the first time I interview them and it has become my favorite question to ask…Throughout every artist’s career they have dozens of musical influences from all genres.  If you were to pick your musical parents, who would they be and why?

Madeline:  My musical parents would be Stevie Wonder and Shania Twain. I grew up listening to both soul and country music and I feel like it really explains the type of music I try and make today. Both genres are sung from the heart and I feel like the world’s greatest musicians came out of them.

Madeline was sweet enough to send along her personal playlist of current jams along with her all time faves.  I’ll be sure to be tuning in to the CCMA’s because this girl certainly has my vote!  Also, be sure to check out her personal style picks in our newest section “Outfit Jams” later this week…until then, happy listening y’all!


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