Round Up

Happy Hump Day!  I apologize for my lack of posting this week, I was moving back to Mississippi from Cape Cod after spending the holidays with my family and during the travel craziness my internet capabilities were minimal to say the least!  Therefore to make up for it I have four, that’s right FOUR new artists for y’all to check out!

The first is Chasin’ Crazy.  Their debut single That’s How We Do Summertime back in May.  It is extremely catchy and perfect for jamming to while at the beach or laying out in the sun.  Their follow up Smack Dab debuted on The Highway is making a splash.  These cuties hail from Cali, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.  Together their style is pop but with their boots planted firm on country ground.

Up next, we have Logan Mize.  A Kansas boy, Mize’s most notable song to date is Used Up.  You may recognize him from his cameos in the “Fabric of our Life” commercial with Hayden Panettiere and the CW’s hit series Hart of Dixie.  His style is twangy bro-country and I have to say I’m loving it.  His newest single Can’t Get Away from a Good Time is humorous, proving that Mize doesn’t take himself too seriously and proclaims that he can’t escape a good party!

Another great artist that is making waves is John King.  A Georgia boy who went to UGA to study Music, he takes his craft seriously and is currently in the works of producing his debut album.  His first single Tonight Tonight has the ability to become an anthem for the weekend (or just a good night in general).  It’s one of those songs you just want to belt out with your friends while sitting around a fire, knowing it doesn’t get much better than that night.

Finally we round it up with Old Dominion.  This band is going to have a HUGE year in 2015.  I can’t say enough about the talent in this group.  They are a rare few in that they write all their songs as well as play on their entire EP.  I can speak from experience about their live show.  It is AMAZING!  I have always said that it takes true talent to win over a crowd that doesn’t know the majority of your songs, and Old Dominion had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hand.  They have written hits for The Band Perry, Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley and more.  This summer they will be taking the stage to warm it up for a little known artist you all may have heard of, KENNY CHESNEY on his Big Revival Tour.  If you ask me this is going to be the show of the summer, so if you don’t have your tickets already be sure to get them.

Enough talk for now, time to get to the music.  Enjoy!


Monday Muse – 1.12.15

Well it has been a crazy busy Monday for me today!  I got to travel to Boston (ah Bean town, the best coffee there is!) with my work gals for a photoshoot in the city (check @jamcatchers on insta for behind the scene pics).  We got up bright and early before the sun to try and get ahead of the traffic.  Once in the city we spent our time hustling around in the rain but it was well worth it, the studio which we shot our features in was one of the most serene and gorgeous locales I’ve seen in the city.  It was filled with walls of white exposed brick, was beaming with natural light, and to top it off its a bridal boutique with a flare for the vintage style.  Basically every girls dream space, it will make a married woman want to plan a wedding all over again.  After the shoot my fellow road trip chiek and I grabbed one more amazing cup of joe before heading back to the Cape.  Needless to say, between a few hours in traffic today and a five outfit photoshoot, the jams were constantly being played.  Therefore, I present this weeks Monday Muse.


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