Feature Friday – Sam Hunt

Right now is the time for song writers in the country music world.  The people behind the top songs we’ve been hearing from big time artists are now getting their time in the spotlight.  One of my favorite writers, Sam Hunt, is on the path to being a major star.  He’s behind massive hits such as Kenny Chesney’s “Come Over”, Billy Currington’s “We Are Tonight” and Keith Urban’s “Cop Car”.        Before moving to Nashville to begin his writing career Sam played quarterback at the University of Alabama – Birmingham.  That’s right ladies not only is he gorgeous and super talented as a singer/songwriter but is a sports star too.


Back in 2013 Hunt released a free acoustic mixtape which I’ve posted below for you all to listen to.  It includes his version’s of “Cop Car” “We Are Tonight” and “Come Over”.  I know that it’s a crime to say this but I like his pipes singing “Come Over” better than Kenny’s!  Sam definitely has a hip-hop influence in his music which is rare to see on the country side of things other than in remixes of “Dirt Road Anthem” or “Cruise”.  He brings a blend to the table and almost creates a new genre with his style.  Right now his single “Leave the Night On” is climbing the charts and he’s hitting the road with Kip Moore for the CMT Tour.  I give it a year and this boy will be headlining tours of his own!


Travel Tuesday – Hawaii


Recently one of my best and dearest friends went off for a trip to Hawaii with her mother to visit her cousin and aunt.  Needless to say I was insanely jealous and half contemplated ending our 18 year friendship when I found out they were going to be staying in a hut at a coffee farm (major case of FOMO).  However when she asked me to create a playlist for her entire day of travel cross country with the island feel in mind I couldn’t resist.  I’ve attached the playlist below for all of you looking to catch the island vibe along with some amazing pictures from where they are staying.  Aloha!

[spotify id=”spotify:user:anw1790:playlist:3ggzcEk5iPnpReDPLWNP1L” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]





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