Tanya Rustigian's Playlist

Tanya Rustigian is one of my dearest and sweetest friends.  She is also the owner and visionary behind Trust Jewelry.  Trust are some of my favorite jewels to wear and I am constantly stacked from head to toe in her bracelets, necklaces, and NEW head chains.  Tanya has traveled the world living in everywhere from Colorado, to Thailand, to Martha’s Vineyard.  Her gypsy soul has endless interests and tastes, including her unique ear for music.  Think festival meets coffee house and you’ll have found the Trust Genre.  Tanya took the time to put together what’s on her playlist right now as she gears up for her busy travel season and move out to Cali!  Be sure to follow her gypsy life on Insta @tanyarustigian



“I love to listen to The Head and the Heart when I am feeling mellow.”
“I love listening to reggage when I am driving. Even if I am in a snow storm I pretend its a hot summer day and I am cruising.”
“This is my number one gym song because its long and never gets dull…I have been working out to it for over 2 years.”
“Again…great gym song. I have a ghetto side and not many people know about it. Sometimes I get caught on skrillex or pitbull pandora (confession!)”
“I like trippy music too…but I have to be in the mood. I love pretty lights…I think they’re really talented.”
“I’ve always loved Ben Harper. This song makes me cry…it has significant meaning to me so I change the station if I don’t feel like tearing up.”
“Another mellow yellow mood for me. I think this song is overplayed but it still gets me every time.”
“Reggae will always be my road trip go to. It puts me in an automatic good mood because I pretend I am at the beach. “
“I love love love Citizen Cope. If anyone knows me, they know I am a groupie”
“Maggie is empowering. When I am driving listening to her I usually turn it up so loud so I can belt it out and pretend I am sounding as good as her.”
“Fix you also always makes me cry but I’ve just always loved this song.”
“SerfffffBoard doesn’t get old.  I love B. I would kill to be Beyoncé…she is one of my idols and I think she is perfect.”
“Zion is from northern Cali and I listened to Coastin’ my entire Cali road trip. It wasn’t until after the road trip I found out the scoop on them.”

Josh Abbott Band at the Lyric


This past week I got the chance to see Josh Abbott Band here in Oxford at this charming venue called the Lyric.  It’s nestled right downtown in the historical square.  If you have a few minutes to do some reading I highly suggest learning the history of the Lyric.  It was originally a stable owned by William Faulkner’s family and the Lyric has restored it to its former glory to put on some amazing shows.  One thing I have found so endearing and captivating about living in the deep South is the amount of history and pride behind these towns.  Every building has a story and someone that is eager to tell it to you!



Josh Abbott Band is a group right out of Texas…and proud of it!  For a band that didn’t start striving for the big time until 2008 it has been a quick climb for them.  They appreciate each and every single fan that comes out to their shows and have been known in their beginning days to buy the entire bar a round to show their appreciation for supporting them.  I absolutely love their heavy use of a fiddle in their songs.  The entire night was kept Texas from the music to the crowd that was decked with ten gallon hats and belt buckles large enough you could see a mile away.


Although they continue to stay strong in their Texas roots with songs like “She’s Like Texas” and “My Texas” they are quickly rising in the country genre nationwide with hit songs like “Hangin’ Around“.  They made sure to play their song “Hotty Toddy” while in town as well as ask that infamous question….”Are you ready???”  They’re an adorable group of guys who obviously enjoy being able to play music for a living and I would recommend going to see them if given a chance.  Here’s my playlist of my favorite Josh Abbott Band songs, which ones do you like!?

Images Courtesy of:  cmt.com and Visit Oxford


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