Paulina Jayne Releases New Self-Titled EP


Lately it seems as though the world is continuing to become more and more of a scary place.  Every time I turn on the news or even log in to Facebook it seems like tragedy has struck another corner of our beloved Earth.  Sometimes it takes a simple musical breath of fresh air to come in any make you believe everything is going to be okay.  Enter, Paulina Jayne.  Her debut single entitled “Loves Gonna Always Win” is an anthem that can help blend people of every age, gender, background, race, or ethnicity.  I caught up with the Belmont University junior as she was getting ready to release her sophomore EP:

How do you find time to balance going to Belmont full time, pursuing your music career and having a life outside of that?

Paulina:  You know it’s definitely a learning curve.  I came here in my freshman year of college which was about two and a half years ago now.  I discovered very shortly that I was going to have to do something totally different than I did in high school in terms of managing my time.  The first four weekends of college which are usually the foundational weekends to meet people I had gigs every weekend in a different state.  I had to leave the place I’d just come to.  I think it led to a little bit of homesickness at that point in time.  It was a good way to start college off because I knew what I was coming into and I knew that I had to really work hard to keep that A+ grade that my parents want and be able to go out and perform.  It’s definitely a struggle but I’m fortunate enough to live with people I love, that keep me grounded, and remind me that I can do it.

Tell me a little about how you ended up working with your mentor Trey Bruce:

Paulina:  I was back in high school and I was going through Twitter and I saw this guy named Trey Bruce.  He seemed like he was working with all these up and coming artists.  But he had also had a record of working with people that were extremely established.  So I saw that dichotomy and thought maybe he’s interested in working with somebody who’s not a huge star.  I decided to direct message him on Twitter.  I said ‘Hey Trey!  Here’s some of my music, I’m going to be in town on these dates in Nashville.  I’d love to meet with you, let me know if you’re interested!”  Sure enough, he messaged me back.  He met my whole family and I in the lobby of our Hampton Inn hotel in Goodletsville.  He listened to about 15 of my songs and two weeks later I was coming back down to record.  He’s an absolute amazing talent and I’m honored to work with him.

“Love’s Gonna Always Win” is the first single.  When did you write this song?  It couldn’t be more relevant to today’s international and national state in trying to spread a positive message!

Paulina:  This past summer I spent the whole summer just writing.  I was looking for the last song for my EP.  I sat down with Trey and I said ‘I want to write something that’s more meaningful than another song about beer and partying.’  So we sat down and he brought in Hailey Steele, who is amazing.  She’s like a Sheryl Crow incarnate.  We started singing this little melody that was something special.  Hailey was playing with open tuning on her guitar.  

Next thing you know we’re talking about the eleven officers that were just shot in Dallas.  We’re talking about all of the race issues that are going on in the world and especially on our own soil.  Trey said ‘you know what guys, love’s gonna always win.’  We knew we had the title.  That moment on we just started writing the whole song.  The timing of it was insane.  Right as we were about to put out the song some more crazy stuff happened, the riots in North Carolina.  It was really quite a cool experience to write a song that can be applicable to what’s going on in the world right now and hopefully spread this message of ‘guys we have all this hate going on, but at the end of the day we need to love thy neighbor.’

People are throwing a lot of artists out there as running mates for this presidential campaign:  Timberlake and Stapleton, Dolly and Loretta.  Who would you pick as your ultimate presidential candidates that are artists?

Paulina:  This is going to be a hilarious dichotomy [laughs].  I would vote for Miranda Lambert for President because what more badass of a woman could be President of the United States.  And Stevie Wonder, because somebody has to serenade the world and spread the love.  Those are two of my favorites.  

I ask everyone this the first time I interview them and it’s become my favorite question to ask!  As artists you are influenced and shaped by so many other artists throughout the span of your career from all different genres and eras.  So if you were to pick who the musical mother and father of Paulina Jayne would be, who would they be and why?

Paulina:  It is a very similar answer to the one I just gave.  I’m from Detroit, Michigan so I have both a rock background and a Motown background.  If you ever get a chance to go to Detroit you will see it in the way people carry themselves, you will see it in the dynamic of our city, you can see it even in the graffiti on the walls.  With that said, for sure, the father I would like to have in the music industry would be Stevie Wonder.  He’s an insane songwriter and an incredible vocalist.  His messages withstand the test of time.  His music actually brings people together.  We were at a show of his at Bridgestone and there was a part during his set where people actually went arm and arm because his songs were so moving.  It’s amazing.  

I really really love Shania’s ability to perform.  If I could mix Miranda’s really cool feminist side, with Shania’s really feminine side and bring them together, that’s who I’d want to have as my mama [laughs]

Let’s talk about the new EP!  What is different with this new body of work?

Paulina:  In the past I haven’t had a whole infrastructure of people and infrastructure of music to choose from.  This time around it’s been really special ’cause I’ve actually really had the chance to think about what I want to put on this EP.  When I was talking to Trey about what I wanted to do with it, I just wanted to make sure there was enough of that exciting, fun vibe but also something to counter it and show that I have some authenticity and depth to me.  For instance I have this song on there that I wrote and thought was absolutely so hilarious called “Big Booty Country Girl“.  It was so fun to write I just had to put it on the EP.  I want it to be an anthem for all girls who are not a perfect size zero, because everyone knows that I’m not [laughs].  Then on the other end of the spectrum I have this song about missing my home, and missing Detroit, and missing the people there.  But realizing that now I have to grow up a little bit, dig my heels in the Nashville scene and push forward with the dreams that I have.  I think that people will have both the sentimental experience with the EP but also an exciting, empowering and fun loving side to it.

Paulina’s self-titled EP is out TODAY!  You can catch a few songs from it that I added to her personal playlist for y’all below.  This young woman has such a strong sense of self and a maturity that goes far beyond her years.  She’s a self proclaimed hippy with so much love and talent to share with the world.  Paulina Jayne is a feminine feminist and, in my opinion, that’s about as badass as you can get.


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