Spencer Crandall Releases New Single “I Thought We Broke Up”

Spencer Crandall, a Jam Catchers’ favorite, is taking over our Snapchat and Insta today for day two of CMA Fest!  As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Spencer also released his new single “I Thought We Broke Up” today on all digital outlets.

Spencer continues his smooth vocal stylings with his new single.  He has never been afraid to bridge the genre gap between country and other genres with his music and “I Thought We Broke Up” is no exception.  The single could easily fit on any playlist with Ed Sheeran or Charlie Puth while at the same time fitting in seamlessly with Chris Lane and Brett Young.  The track tells the story that is all too familiar to us at one point.  You break up with your SO and the next time you see them you’re not so sure you’re broken up anymore.  When you mix together running into your ex at a bar….well you can do the math here.

Be sure to follow along with Spencer all day to check out all the behind the scenes action!  While you’re doing that feel free to listen to Spencer’s hand picked playlist below featuring his new single “I Thought We Broke Up”.


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